Our History

Sigma transformers began its activities in 1990, inserted in the industrial area of the city Lagoa Vermelha, RS. The company initially intended to provide maintenance services of electric wired machines, especially motors and transformers. In 1995 the company began providing transformer maintenance services to a large concessionaire in Rio Grande do Sul. After that the company discovered vocation for this type of work and gradually improved processes and increased its productivity.
As of 2002 the company started manufacturing distribution transformers, given that the first models built were the monophasic ones, which were installed in the rural areas as part of the Light for All project. Over the years, Sigma transformers has dedicated itself into investing in its facilities, certifications and homologations and in qualifying its collaborators to seek continuous improvement in its product and processes, aiming at reducing the waste of raw material, preserving the physical integrity of people and customer satisfaction.

More than 25 years of Energy Solutions

Serving nationally renowned customers throughout our history, we at Sigma Transformers believe that high technology and safety guarantee must go hand in hand.

We work with a diversified line of transformers. We manufacture power and distribution transformers from 5 to 1.500 kVA, in the insulation classes of 15; 24,2; e 36,2 kV. In addition to a line of special transformers for use in induction furnaces, with electrostatic shielding and double winding and autotransformers.

We work to manufacture everything you may need in energy solutions for rural, urban or industrial environments.

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