Compromise with Quality

As a way to prove our compromise with the quality of our products, we are homologated by INMETRO and our processes certified by ISO 9001.
Integrated management policy:


To provide products and services that meet the needs of its clients, through implementation and improvement of its management system, continuous team qualification and products and processes innovation.

The environment

Commitment of collaborators, subcontractors and suppliers with compliance with environmental laws, concerning with reducing the emission of pollutants and improving environmental performance.


Commitment of collaborators and subcontractors with the compliance of health and safety standards applied in the organization aiming the preservation of physical integrity and occupational health of people.

Commitment to deliver products with high technology and safety assurance.

ISO 9001

 Technical scope of the certification: “Development, Manufacture and Reform of Transformers of Electric Power Distribution with power from 10 kVA to 300 kVA.”

The standards of the International Organization for Standardization have a very important role in quality management, ISO 9001 is the broadest of standards for quality systems, as it involves the company as a whole, from design to technical assistance.

This standard certifies the Quality Management Systems and defines which are the necessary requirements to give confidence to the products and services provided by an organization, always aiming customer satisfaction and improvements of products and processes.

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Sigma Electric Equipments LLC is duly approved to display in its Transformers the National Energy Conservation Label (ENCE), demonstrating the company’s full commitment in meeting the requirements by the Brazilian Labeling Program (PBE), coordinated by the National Institute of Meteorology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO), certifying that the manufacturer and the product are approved in the Program.

Sigma Electric Equipments was one of the first companies to obtain approval for the reform of tagged transformers. The obligation to attend to the PBE is regulated by the Interministerial Ordinance Nº 104, of March 22, 2013 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Science, Technology and Innovation. This regulation is applicable to oil distribution transformers up to 300 kVA.

INMETRO is responsible for supervising in the production and labeling of products, with no prior notice to the manufacturer. In general, the products manufactured by Sigma are in accordance with the requirements of the ordinance and of PBE. The updated list of manufacturers authorized by the Brazilian Labeling Program is available on the official INMETRO website.

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